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 Christmas Cracker 3-Book Collection
 Limits of Power
 Magic by the Lake
 Teeth of the Gale
Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure) Barbie and Her Sisters
 Borrowers Aloft
 Fig Pudding
 Santa Clawed
 Purple Diamonds Dance
 Pom-Pom Goes To Bramble Wood
 Billy and Ben on the Farm
 Tell Us Again Nanny
 Children's Journey of Discovery
 Adventures of Cat Skard
 Founding a School in France
 Miss! Miss!
 Lady Lydia
 Mere Education
 Religion at Play
 Cop On: What It Is and Why Your Child Needs It
 A-Z of Irish Names for Children and Their Meanings
 Minding Mum - It's Time to Take Care of You
 Sophia's Story
 Ancient Irish Legends
 Sophie Kooks Month by Month: December
 David McWilliams'  The Pope's Children
 All About Children - Questions Parents Ask
 Eleanor, Countess of Desmond
 Where's Your Mama Gone?
 Another Country - Growing Up In '50s Ireland
 Missing and Unsolved: Ireland's Disappeared
 Dorothy Stopford Price
 Becoming Myself
 Harry's Magic Tables (for Tablet Devices)
 Without Trace - Ireland's Missing
 David McWilliams' Follow the Money
 Little Fighters: Miracle Conjoined Twins
 Haunting Cries
 Bake Me I'm Yours Cupcake
 Pocket Prayers for Healing
 Do Nothing Christmas Is Coming
 Pocket Prayers for Children
 Pocket Prayers for Advent and Christmas
 Children's Spirituality
 Common Worship Christian Initiation
 Nursing Calculations

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